Who is Marty Allen?

Who is Marty Allen? prior to my being introduced to Marty in 1999 I'd never heard of him, so I decided to create The Worlds Largest Sole Celebrity Web Site 'Hello Dere'

I started to research Marty and there was nothing on the Internet, I asked several people I knew if they had heard of Marty Allen and most thought he died long ago, so over the last 11 years I have acquired memorabilia and continue to do so to this day.

Much of what I have acquired Marty had not seen or did not know even existed, TV shows on 16mm, the 16mm Paramount signing for the movie 'The Last of the Secret Agents?' photographs of Marty with Mitch De Wood (his partner prior to Steve Rossi) and Marty with other celebrities.

I said to Marty when I first knew of him, All those TV shows, videos, all those records you and Steve recorded, the movies you were in, you must be doing handsomely on royalties,' Marty's reply was, 'I don't receive any royalties.'

I was shocked, Marty and Steve never really had any solid management throughout their career.

Although this suggestion was not new to Marty I asked Marty to write his autobiography with my help, he agreed, I said I would find everything there is regarding your showbiz career, I'll be your memory gland cause' you'll need one what with 800+ TV performances, plus countless live shows around the globe, charity events, Marty has dined with Royalty, etc. etc.

My being his memory gland because I once asked Marty, 'Who haven't you met?' Marty replied, 'Your last 2 girlfriends.'

Marty Allen on motobike

88 years old and still riding a motorcycle, how about that!!!