Marty Allen Shows

The Rosey Grier Show - 1970

Playboy After Dark - August 1st 1968 - Playboy After Dark was Hugh Hefner's second syndicated TV series.

$20,000 Pyramid Game - On January 19-23, 1976, Bob Stewart raise the stakes once again as The $10,000 Pyramid became THE $20,000 PYRAMID.

Fanfare - 1965 - Fanfare was a 12-week variety series hosted by Al Hirt.

The Match Game - Originally on NBC (25 mins) Premiered December 31, 1962. You mean there was a Match Game back in the 1960s? Yes sure was. But this original incarnation of what became one of the most popular wild game shows ever was a quite different creature to say the least. Y'see, this version of The Match Game employed a staid but reliable format that earned the show a 7-season run and guaranteed host of The MATCH GamE Gene Rayburn a permanent place.

Where The Action Is. Originally on ABC (30 mins). Premiered June 1, 1965. In 1963, AMERICAN BANDSTAND left the weekday shift for Saturday afternoons. Two years later (1965), Dick Clark created a new spin-off for ABC called Where The Action Is, a half-hour rock 'n' roll show featuring the hits of the day. Where The Action Is took viewers to various locations across the US. In addition to Stateside locations, segments were also taped in Canada, Britain and Japan. One frequent location was Malibu Beach in Malibu, CA, where many of the summer shows were shot. Bear Mountain Ski Resort in Bear Mountain, CA was the frequent site for the the winter and holiday shows.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - 1989 - playing "Imperial Poogah" in episode: "Plumbers of the Year" (episode # 1.22) 10/3/1989

Truth of Consequences - 1973 - hosted by Bob Barker.

Benson - 1979 - playing "Blackjack Dealer" in episode: "Solid Gold" (episode # 6.17) 2/1/1985.
"This Is Your Life" - Earl Wilson (1971) TV Episode
"Dream Girl of '67" - Episode dated 5 June 1967 (1967) TV Episode
"The Woody Woodbury Show" - Episode dated 12 February 1968 (1968) TV Episode
"The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"... aka The Best of Carson (USA: rerun title) - Episode dated 2 July 1971 (1971) TV Episode
"The Virginia Graham Show" - Episode dated 14 April 1971 (1971) TV Episode
Goodnight, We Love You (2004)
"Vacation Playhouse" - Hello Dere (1965) TV Episode
Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death (1982) ... aka Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Darkness ... aka The Dungeon (USA: video title) ... aka The Jekyll Experiment (UK: video title).
JUVENILE JURY (syndicated game show). BAFFLE (NBC game show). IT'S YOUR BET (NBC game show).
STORYBOOK SQUARES (NBC game show). PITFALL (Canadian game show). PERSONALITY (NBC game show).

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