Nat King Cole - Mitch DeWood

Marty Allen and Mitch DeWood are showing in the Empire Room of the Statler Hilton Hotel, Dallas, Texas, through Jan 8th 1958.

They are America's most talked about comedy team. These hilarious young gentlemen have been hailed by both critics and public alike for thier sprightly different routines and general hilarity. They offer a merry mixture of gags, impressions, situation comedy, dancing and singing.
[Article from "This Month in Dallas" - January 1958]

[From my research Mitch DeWood split up with Marty in mid 1958. Mitch DeWood was the road manager in 1962 - ? for The Everly Brothers....(still researching)]

[Mitch DeWood - assistant to producer; The Andy Griffiths Show - 1960-1968. (unsure of exact years Mitch DeWood was assistant producer.....still researching)]

[Tommy Ronca (The Brothers) worked as an entertainment director in Las Vegas with Mitch DeWood at the Aladdin; and in Atlantic City at the Tropicana. (research indicates 1965 to ?)