Love American Style

Playing "Fontaine" in episode: "Love and the Athlete" - 12/01/1969

A television series from the early 70s that dealt with the issues of love and romance in all their many forms. The show aired once a week for 30 minutes (sometimes an hour). Each installment included from 1 to 4 stories, every story having different characters and actors - although there were a handful of regular players such as Stuart Margolin and Phyllis Elizabeth Davis.
Show Type: Comedy Anthology - First Telecast: September 29, 1969 - Last Telecast: January 11, 1974

This collection of short comedy skits starred all sorts of big names and dealt with the all-important subject of love. Love was seen from all sides - young and old, rich and poor, just-married, unmarried, long-time married and multi-married! Usually 3 or 4 skits were presented on each episode, intertwined with short, comic "blackouts" by a repertory company of six or seven performers. In 1972, a "Lovemate of the Week" centerfold was added - featuring a different girl each week.

A few of the celebrities to stop by "Love, American Style" were: Marty Allen, Milton Berle, Tammy Grimes, Ann Sothern, Nanette Fabray, Phyllis Diller, Paul Ford, Pat Paulsen, Sonny & Cher, the Lemon Sisters, Rich Little, George Gobel, Dorothy Lamour, Burt Reynolds, Harry Morgan, Wally Cox, Paul Lynde, Ozzie & Harriet, Tiny Tim, Imogene Coca, Martha Raye and Cid Caesar. Ronnie Howard and Anson Williams appeared in a skit entitled "Love and the Happy Days" which served as the pilot for the hit series, Happy Days.

The very first show was broadcast was typical of the show's format: Act I, "Love and a Couple of Couples." Michael Callan was a suitor about to propose when his ex-wife turns up, sees the ring, tries it on - and can't get it off. Act II, "Love and the Hustler." Flip Wilson is pool shark "Big Red," who agrees to instruct a young lady in the finer points of billiards. Act III, "Love and the Pill." Bob Cummings and Jane Wyatt are parents worried about their daughter's plans to take off on a "swinger's tour" of Europe with her boyfriend.

An updated version, titled New Love, American Style was produced for ABC's daytime lineup in 1985.

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